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The Beacon Gospel Choir About

In 2006, The Beacon Gospel Choir came together as a means of helping people to find their voices and to learn the joy of using them to praise God. It is the conviction of the founders of the Beacon Gospel Choir that  everyone can sing.


Quite apart from the recently publicised health benefits of singing, the improvement in our relationship with God by the use of our voices to sing as a means of worship is more far reaching than many of us can imagine.


Since those early days, the choir has grown and developed to something both excellent and joyful. Our very existence bears testimony to this fact...


...Anyone can sing.


The Beacon Gospel Choir was founded and is run by Penny Lyon and her husband Kevin Washburn.


This duo also write their own gospel music, some of which is performed by the choir and by their band 'Out of the Ashes'.


Listen to more of THE BEACON GOSPEL CHOIR music by clicking the video thumbnail images.



The Beacon Gospel Choir sing a whole range of Gospel songs both old and new. We are supported by an excellent six piece band and a number of male and female solo singers. We sing for church events, charity events and weddings. If you would like to hear us sing or get us to perform at your event please contact us, you will find details on the contact page.


    • 10th FEBRUARY 2017

      St Lawrence Church

      The Shambles, Stroud


      supporting Philippa Hanna


      Tickets £10 or £8 concessions


      Contact: Phil Coych



    • 18th FEBRUARY 2017



      for the Hope Foundation International Concert (11th March)


      Elim City Church, Jamaica St, Bristol, BS2 8JP


      Registration through


      Contact: Kevin on

      07717 494222

    • 11th MARCH 2017

      HOPE FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL Concert (11th March)


      Elim City Church, Jamaica St, Bristol, BS2 8JP



      Contact: Kevin on

      07717 494222

    • 15th JULY 2017

      Stow Festival







      For more details please contact: Kevin Washburn

      07717 494222

    • 17th DECEMBER 2017

      Edge Carol Service


      St John The Baptist,  Edge, GL6 6PF





      For more details please contact: Kevin Washburn

      07717 494222


The choir/Out Of The Ashes can be booked for individual events - or as part of your Church event or service...



What people have had to say about us:


"So lovely to see the joy and for you to share it with your wonderful gospel singing."


"Absolutely brilliant – thank you so much for coming again to St Swithuns – See you next year – Please!"


"Some very talented musicians & a ‘lot of soul’. Thank you for a most enjoyable concert."




For more information, please contact us:




We are often approached by people who would like to join the choir and who want to know what is involved for membership. Membership is free, we do not audition for joining and new members are always welcome. However, commitment is essential; we expect all our members to work hard to learn their parts, to attend all rehearsals and to be available for at least one performance each month.

If you feel you would like help with your singing before you actually join the choir, then let us know and we’d love to help you get started.


If you would like to know more, you can either come and talk to us at one of our performances, or get in touch with us through the email address opposite.